Monday, December 14, 2009

The New and Improved

Recently, I was training a young pitcher. We were performing some agility drills and during a rest break, I was explaining to him the reasons for the drill and how they apply to his performance on the mound. We continued with our workout and during our strength training session, the pitcher said to me "I wish our coach knew some of this stuff."

That got me thinking. I have always emphasized educating the particular athletes that I was directly involved with training regarding total player development strategies and fine-tuning skill training for performance enhancement. But, I was missing a whole other population of coaches, athletes, and sports performance professionals that are also involved with teaching and training athletes. is now going through some construction. No longer is my focus purely on providing on-line training programs for baseball athletes. The "New and Improved" is dedicated to further advancing sports performance enhancement and the functional training concept within the baseball community. This includes, but is not limited to coaches, athletes, sports medicine and strength professionals, scouts, and parents.

The goals of will be to facilitate the improvement of athletic performance in the game of baseball, promote the sports medicine and performance enhancement professions, and provide up-to-date education programs to both the professional and general sports communities.

When fully up and running, will provide the following services: a free online journal / newsletter / blog, professional resources and networking, on-line continuing education programs / courses, sports-specific seminars / presentations / courses, sports performance camps / coaching / training programs, and consulting programs.

The journal contributors and partners will be industry professionals with expertise and experience in all facets of the game of baseball. They will be responsible for producing articles and on-line opinion editorials in the areas of Sports Medicine, Athletic Training, Strength and Conditioning, Physical Therapy, Sports Nutrition, Sports Psychology, Sports Vision, and Coaching.'s inaugural edition is scheduled to launch in February 2010! It will feature articles about shoulder injury prevention, throwing programs, in-season performance training, and college recruiting.

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David Yeager, ATC, CSCS

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  1. Strength and agility are very important in baseball. We would love for you to post some of your articles on our youth baseball site in the submit news section.