Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mindset For Players

by Worldwide Baseball Prospects

It’s been a long demanding road in baseball, academics and life up until this point. However, this journey you are on is not a race, not a competition against other players; it is a never ending marathon, a test with yourself.

How much better can I be today, compared to yesterday? What am I thankful for today? What can I do today to help me and my personal journey toward that which I desire tomorrow?

If you want to play baseball at your next level whether it is High School Varsity or College Baseball; it's all in your head, not the other guys! It is not how fast you throw or how hard you hit the ball, whether you are nationally recognized as a blue chip prospect today. It really does not matter how many trophies your buddies got piled up on the shelf for all to see, it doesn't matter if you are the so called "best of the best today" or you made Baseball America’s top 100 High school players list this year.

It doesn't matter today; it just does not matter today because that happened yesterday! That moment is but a “Nic in Time”. Your thoughts are things. How you think right now moving forward will determine your ultimate result! Not how someone else thinks, that determines their results based on their desire.

I would say that you already own the key to your success; after all you were born with it! Rather, the one thing that matters the most in your journey to success and baseball bliss is all that is you, it is in your thoughts!

It takes Vision - this comes from your desire to see your end result, mentally before you arrive there physically,

It takes Passion - the love of the game, the will to learn the game and be a student of the game always, the love of life and the will to always get better,

It takes Specific Knowledge - get better for yourself and your specific situation and lead yourself to your vision,

It takes Persistent Planning - Plan your route, if it fails try again, then if that fails, try again, and again, and again, and again, etc.,

It takes Lessons - in life or in baseball, we learn from that by which we were unsuccessful, or had undesirable results, trying to do better personally the next time,

It takes Commitment - "practice and try again, day in day out" this comes easier when you have passion,

It takes Dedication - the desire to personally get better for the love of the game,

It takes Auto suggestion - you fill your world with positive thoughts and attract what is true to you,

It takes Consistency - the desire to personally get better everyday with everyday learn and growing towards your result,

It takes Self motivation - the voice within in you that says I can so I will,

It takes Time - be patient, remember you’re in a marathon not a sprint, be consistent, relax and enjoy, smell the roses on the way,

It takes Faith – that optimistic voice inside your thoughts that knows it will get better with every lesson learnt, believe and you will achieve,

It takes Gratitude and Appreciation – Be happy and thankful for the gift(s) you have, and those around you. Know that it is a privilege to play the best game in the world and that at any moment; it could be over in a split second! You will have no regrets because you gave all of yourself and your heart, truthfully & honestly everyday.

Believe you can and you will. Can you see that place you want to be? Don't ever question it or deny yourself the chance to grow and be there, it’s your right.

It takes Action - You must start now and have faith in what you believe; the result will be true happiness!

In conclusion, whether it’s life, baseball, academics, or whatever, it may seem like a long road ahead, one huge hurdle, one big bump after another. But inch by inch, one foot in front of the other, it gets a bit easier and you will get a bit closer to your desire. Remember thoughts are things too!

There will always be those people in the world with a personal viewpoint. At the end
of the day, yours is what matters most! So from us to you, listen to the positive voice in your head, “your sixth sense”, that believes you will achieve.

The game thanks you for being thankful of the game, Go for it, and don’t stop believing in yourself!

Warm Regards and Good Luck!

Worldwide Baseball Prospects

Worldwide Baseball Prospects (WBP) is a partner with It is a coaching and mentoring company which supports, motivates, and personally coaches prospective high school baseball players and their families across the country with a balanced and customized individual / student / player approach through the college baseball recruiting process.

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