Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why are injuries still increasing?

This blog post is a statment, but also a question at the same time. As we are moving forward in developing young baseball players why with all the knowlege and control we put in the game do we continue to have increases in injuries at younger ages? I have been coaching a team for a few weeks and have been impressed with the restrictons placed on pitchers, the amount of pitches allowed as well as total innings pitched per day but also per tournament. With these regulations many leagues have tried to help young players, but we continue to see a rise in injuries in young players. WHY? Ok so here in the statement, no amount of regulation will decrease injuries if the players are not prepared to play, players are weeker and getting weeker every year. We continue to place so much importance on competation that we forget to prepare the players to play and by doing so continue to increase the injury rate. Please let me know how you feel!!!!!! Brian Niswender Co-Founder Baseballstrengthcoaching.com

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