Monday, March 28, 2011

Where are we going?

Look how smart I am.

This industry seems to be out of control. I see more and more people confused, while the need for our services increases every year. Why are we fighting within our own ranks for who knows more, when we should be looking for ways to help each other out? I really enjoy reading about how so and so came up with some new way to train, but in reality it is just a new name. Why are strength coaches and athletic trainers fighting over what is best for the athlete? Can we not all learn from each other, from doctors to the nutritionist?
This might seem like some kind of rant and in many ways it is, but with a purpose. Where are we going as an industry? Are we really in it for the purpose of increasing human performance, or are we in it for the money? In many ways some of these questions helped spark and still drives us and our purpose, but the question still stands, are we increasing knowledge of baseball performance?

Brian Niswender
Co Founder Baseball Strength

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