Thursday, April 1, 2010

Why do we do what we do?

Why we do what we do?

Why do you coach, or train? Do you do it for personal glory, or recognition? Do you have something to prove? As a coach or trainer you are a mentor and leader, are you leading your players or are you dictating?
These can be soul searching questions for a coach, and I deal with these questions on an on going bases myself. I usually deal with these questions after one of my players has to deal with a coaching situation.
The first question I always ask is why did I get into coaching? It always brings me back to the coaches I had growing up, the good and the bad. I remember what the good coaches did, and how they acted. The good coaches are always great role models, they are always hard workers and they always put the athlete first. The bad coaches never really lead, there is always only one way and it is there’s, they are closed minded and negative. Then I remember why I love coaching, I remember what it feels like to watch a player succeed, to watch their eyes light up, to watch the way they carry them selves with self confidence and success. This is why I coach; I want to help the young player find his game, to become the best ball player he or she can be. To watch how hard work and focus can change every player. I remember that it’s not about me it about the player and my job is to help them succeed.

A few things we can do to help them succeed:

1) Lead by example.
2) Provide them with current information and techniques.
3) Be able to adjust to every players learning style.
4) Help them find the instruction they need.
5) Help them form good habits.
6) Teach them how to communicate.
7) Teach them how to plan a schedule.
8) Provide a safe place to share.
9) Challenge them in all aspects of life.
10) Teach them to be leaders.


Brian Niswender, MA, CSCS

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